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Amino Acid Therapy for Addiction Recovery

balance your brain, optimize your recovery

Addiction Recovery Support

If you are struggling with overwhelming cravings that impact your addiction recovery process, you are not alone. 

Brain Health

Low dopamine puts individuals at higher risk of substance use and addiction. To promote a “Healthy Brain,” we need to ensure proper dopamine function. SynaptaGenX can help. 

How SynaptaGenX Works

SynaptaGenX (formula KB220Z) is an amino acid supplement clinically proven to reduce and eliminate cravings for drugs, alcohol and unhealthy behaviors by balancing the chemicals in the brain responsible for feelings of satisfaction and pleasure. 

SynaptaGenX: Amino Acid Therapy for Addiction Recovery

Are you struggling with maintaining sobriety? Are overwhelming cravings impacting your recovery process? Is anxiety, depression or lack of focus depriving you of pleasure and a sense of well being?

It’s not your fault.

You are not suffering from a lack of willpower or discipline -- there is a part of your brain that is not working properly. This results in a lack of reward for normally pleasurable experiences and a craving for substances and behaviors to self-medicate.

SynaptaGenX can help.


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