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Amino Acid Therapy for Addiction Recovery


"I am sending this email to tell you how much I believe in this product.  I know it has helped my own sons who have had trauma in their lives and subsequently have self-medicated with alcohol and drugs.  They both have been taking the product and I see a remarkable difference in their behavior and their thinking.  They are able to complete projects and are much more able to use their executive thinking skills in a crisis.  My daughter Cara sees a therapist and she recommended them to her.  Cara has found them helpful as well."

Susan R. 


"I will probably be a lifetime grateful purchaser of SynaptaGenX.  Quite frankly I believe it as a lifesaver.  I think since I have found it worth the price and makes me feel good I should help spread the word.  If you need a volunteer informing people about SynaptaGenX please let me know.  I will be suggesting it to my family and friends with RDS symptoms to try it.  I'm glad I felt it so soon as I can give them a few pills so they can find out for themselves." 

Steve W. 

"I have been clean and sober since 1992 and for the past 11 years have been seeing a prominent integrative medicine physician for depression and fatigue.  I follow a very healthy low glycemic diet and continue to fine-tune supplements with my physician yearly.  This past spring the fatigue, brain fog, depression, and anxiety came back with a vengeance and no matter what I tried had no relief.  this caused me great mental and emotional pain and led me to isolate which brought on even more depression and anxiety.  I started trying different psych meds but they just made me feel worse and did nothing to alleviate my symptoms.  Then I started SynaptaGenX and within just a few days everything turned around.  My brain literally woke up.  The fatigue, brain fog, anxiety, and depression were gone and I was able to once again live the full life I have created.  I am so very grateful to Dr. Blum for creating this amazingly effective product and grateful to NuPathways for making it readily accessible.  It has been 6 months since I started using SynaptaGenX and I have had no return of symptoms.  Thank you so very much!!!"

Kay Kimball MHS, CAC II -- Integrative Addiction Counseling and Coaching

"I have been taking SyanaptaGenX for about 3 weeks.  I have noticed a huge 

decrease in my cravings for alcohol and marijuana.  Going through a hard time 

with my third DWI, I am focusing better and sleeping much better than I was 

before I started taking it.  My attitude and stress level is better at work and home.  I would recommend this to anyone who wants to reduce stress and enhance focus."

Hank R.

“Taking KB220Z [SynaptaGenX] improved my motivation and self-control; reduced sexual impulsivity and out of control aggressiveness. Absolutely reduced viewing porn.”

Kevin C.


“After taking KB220Z [SynaptaGenX] for two month my terrifying dreams were gone and even replaced with happy dreams but returned 14 days after stopping SynaptaGenX. Now, I haven't had bad dreams for over 6 months on SynaptaGenX. A wonderful and amazing product.”

Linda B., diagnosed with Anxiety and PTSD

“Most clients report feelings of less stress and say they have greater overall sense of well-being. Many of our staff take it as well, and they report felling less irritable, less stressed and more focused."

Lyle Fried, MAC -- Shores Treatment and Recovery Center, Florida

"I have used Blum’s formulation for many years with spectacular results, and in my new recovery program every client must take KB220Z coupled with self-help programs."

John Giordano, DHL and MAC – John Giordano Life Enhancement Recovery Center, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

“I’ve been in recovery for over ten years but due to a separation and pending divorce I had been suffering from sadness and the occasional desire to relapse. I originally decided to try Dr. Blum’s formulation to help with things. After a few weeks, not only was my sadness gone, the desire to use was gone, my hot flashes were completely gone and I began to lose weight. I used to spend every Sunday in bed eating my feelings away. I haven’t had to do this since I started taking the supplement. Surprisingly, I eat healthy and have lost a total of 30 pounds. I feel amazing! I have energy and all-over good feeling most every day. The effect is so subtle I didn’t even know it was working. Wow. I believe in the product, and I am proof it’s working."

Kurt W., Addiction Recovery Specialist     

"For a number of years every alcoholic patient that enters our clinic has been provided with Blum’s Pro-Dopamine Regulator (KB220z therapy) free of charge because combining this with our other modalities results in both clinically observable and self-reported wonderful results. It should be used by alcoholics wanting a better quality of life in recovery."

Greg Hoffman, Owner -- Go Sober Clinic, Longmont, Colorado

“It is just amazing when I take KB220z [SynaptaGenX] after about one hour or so people tell me that I am more lucid and I do not keep repeating myself constantly. To me this is a God-send and I am loving it day by day.” 

Albert C. 

“The month of March 2017 is when I began to take SynaptaGenX [KB220Z], and it worked fairly quickly for me. In fact, I feel like it was almost immediate. However, realistically, it was a week or less. The first real benefit was I did not feel the need to shop. I had this sudden burst of hope or responsibility to get both my shopping and hoarding under control.  Since taking KB220Z in March, my personal relationships with my family have dramatically changed. My coping skills seemed to allow me to let things slide off my back and that is a first for me. In general I feel that KB220Z and my doctor are responsible for these beautiful changes in my life.”   

Carol L.  

“I no longer felt that I was going over the edge after a hard day’s work, which was coupled with a slight increase in energy, increased motivation to work, increased focus and multi-tasking, with clearer purpose of task at hand. Most amazingly, I felt less inhibited in a social setting.”

Linda D. 

“I have been taken SGX for about three weeks now and I feel much less stress from every day work  and most noticeably is that I have more motivation, highly focused and amazingly my overall cravings are way down to almost none.” 

Helen D.

“All of us have been on the SGX for close to a month now. All have been really blessed by it. In my case, I have noticed improved focus, more resolve, reduced impulsivity and a higher baseline level of affect - different in kind to what anti-depressants had done for me several years ago. My wife Lucie has also found a greater sense of 'togetherness' and I have noticed subtle signs of more assertiveness, which I welcome - especially with our daughter, Millicent. In turn, Millicent, our youngest, with mild ADD, has shown equivalent functional improvements to what she has had on Concerta. The greatest change, though, has been in our adopted daughter, Janine. She no longer has food cravings (which is near miraculous), and she can now direct her appetite rather than be the victim of it. Her thoughts are also much less troubled and busy, and she has become less dependent and more outward-focused. Her psychologist and GP are also impressed with SGX and have agreed to hold off on the anti-depressants they had been considering. I sense that her example may serve as an encouragement to others to do the same.”

Frank C., entire family taking SGX

“While it is hard to believe, whenever I have a stressful overload, when I take SGX the stress is gone after a about one hour. Now I keep SGX in my pocket at work.”

Michael M.

“Taking SGX for a number of months thinking that I was fine and then decided to stop taking it. Soon I discovered that my anxieties have returned – and I figured out that the pill help reduced my stress so now I stay on SGX.” 

Kirk F. 

“After I was taken off Wellbutrin XL I began taking SGX. In about one month, I had a profound response to SGX while maintained on Suboxone. I felt significantly better, specifically I have an increase in energy, a decrease in cravings and overall better mood. I find myself cutting off risky friends, and even changed my dead end job. Also I enrolled in college. It seems that my insight, judgement and motivation really improved. There is improvement in my mood and even mild weight loss. The most amazing thing is that I have zero cravings and a sense of normalcy not felt on the Suboxone alone."

Lucy M. – survived a near fatal overdose on opioids, diagnosed with PTSD  

“Over time, I have tried to withdraw from my anti-depressant medication Cymbalta, causing severe nausea, vertigo, intense anxiety, so unpleasant that I  could endure these symptoms for only a day before deciding to resume Cymbalta  therapy. Then my doctor put me on SGX at a dose of 1 tablet twice daily. I have been taking this supplement for 2 weeks.  The most profound thing happened –I went on a vacation and completely forgot to take Cymbalta while on SGX. The withdrawal was so mild that it not only made it easier to stop taking the anti-depressant, but also made it unnecessary for me to need one at all and my sadness is gone.” 
Jenni D., diagnosed with depression