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Amino Acid Therapy for Addiction Recovery

Sobriety Isn't Enough

Misconceptions about sobriety

We’ve all heard them. Maybe we’ve internalized them at the expense of our recovery and self esteem: 

  • When you stop addictive use, you will feel great. 
  • Relapse is a result of a lack of willpower. 
  • Once you quit using, cravings will eventually go away. 
  • Sobriety creates optimal brain function.

But they are not true. When you quit using, painful and uncomfortable symptoms emerge that jeopardize your sobriety.  

Addiction is a disorder of the brain.  It is not a lack of willpower.  And cravings and discomfort do not go away when you choose to abstain. Addiction is the cause and result of an imbalance of neurotransmitters (chemicals in the brain) that reward us with feelings of well-being and satisfaction with normally pleasurable activities.  There are certain neurotransmitters that interact to create a reward cascade. When these reward neurotransmitters are out of balance we crave something to relieve our discomfort.  So we turn to mood-altering substances and behaviors.  But when we stop this addictive use, symptoms emerge that jeopardize recovery because the brain reward system is even more out of balance. 

Brain chemistry can be normalized. SynaptaGenX was developed  to do just that. SynaptaGenX balances neurotransmitters to reduce cravings, enhance focus, cognition and energy, and promote healthy mood. SynaptaGenX normalizes your brain you may find peace and freedom in your recovery. 

Learn More about the Brain Reward System

To promote a “Healthy Brain,” we need to balance the reward neurotransmitters.  SynaptaGenX can help.